Riverside Romance: Andrea & Matt’s Summer Wedding at Hutton Brickyards

June 25th 2022, picture a picturesque summer day with nature in full bloom and a touch of warmth in the air. The temperature was just right – not too hot, not too cold – making it the perfect weather for a joyous outdoor wedding celebrating Andrea and Matt. Their special day took place at the Hutton Brickyards in Ulster County, New York. The couple held their ceremony on the waterfront lawn. Having the serene Hudson River as the backdrop made this the perfect space to say “I do”.

Cheers to Moments Shared:

Following the ceremony, guests proceeded to the cocktail hour held on the grass near the reception area.They enjoyed a passed raw bar that included NYS Oysters, Cold Smoked Shrimp, Alaskan King Crab,and Razor Clam Ceviche. The bar was serving cocktails inspired by the summer season, our signature Slow Roasted Pineapple Tequila Sunrise, and a Charred Cherry Spritz. 

A Riverside Affair

As the cocktail hour came to a close the party made their way into the Lidgerwood Pavilion for the reception. Positioned right on the banks of the Hudson River, Lidgerwood Pavilion offers breathtaking panoramic views of the water. The 8,100 square foot pavilion was a perfect fit for this large gathering of over one hundred guests. There was an abundance of space for dancing, a full bar, and even a coffee station, ensuring that the celebration was filled with joy and togetherness.

Bridging Nature and Design

The pavilion was thoughtfully decorated with modern chic elements. Minimalist yet elegant centerpieces grace each table, showcasing fresh blooms and botanicals that bring a touch of nature indoors. Crisp and pristine linens drape the tables, creating a canvas for the culinary delights that await guests.A warm and cozy glow was created by the placement of glimmering votive candles throughout the tables. Their flickering light cast a soft, captivating glow over the floral arrangements, adding a touch of romanticism to the party.

Savoring Summer’s Essence

Guests made their way to their tables at 7:00 and it was time for an unforgettable dinner service, family style. Guests enjoyed a three course meal with ingredients that highlighted the essence of a perfect summer day. Like the smoked cherries with raw cow’s milk burrata and brown butter topped with charred pepper honey.

The Slow Roasted Leg of Lamb with Smoked Olive Salsa Verde was the highlight of the second course. The process of slow-roasting allows the lamb to undergo a transformation, turning it into a culinary showstopper. The meat becomes impossibly tender, melting in your mouth with every savory bite.To complement this beautiful dish, a smoked olive salsa verde takes center stage. Imagine the earthy, smoky essence of olives, skillfully blended with fresh herbs like parsley, mint, and cilantro. Seasonal sides, like our grilled asparagus with achiote, breadcrumbs, and Mint and the whole roasted leeks, with spiced labneh, nigella,and mint complemented each entree.


Illuminating the Night

The sun begins to set, and the pavilion comes alive with soft and warm lighting. Suspended from the ceiling were twinkling string lights and unique light fixtures, making the ambiance even more captivating.  Vivid Events Lighting set the stage for an unforgettable night of dancing, laughter, and celebration. 

A Nightcap of Sweets

At 9:15 it was time for dessert, Ember Roasted Strawberries topped our Spiced Chocolate Cake on a bed of Sheep’s Milk Cheese. Along with Smoked Cherries with Black Pepper Saba on Butter Bread. A beautiful custom wedding cake was provided by Upstate Table.

Congratulations, Andrea & Matt! Your wedding day overflowed with love, laughter, and treasured moments that will forever grace our hearts. Being a part of your celebration and witnessing the commencement of your journey has been a true honor. We extend our gratitude for entrusting us with the privilege of crafting a beautiful wedding day for you. May your path ahead be paved with everlasting love and happiness. Cheers to a lifetime of shared dreams and cherished moments!

Venue:Hutton Brickyards
Photographer:Chellise Michael Photography
Planner:Magdalena Events
Florals: Heart & Soil Flowers
Lighting: Vivid Events
Cake:Upstate Table

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