Nostalgic Storytelling

Wood Fire Food is a full service farm-to-table experiential catering & event production studio specializing in live open fire cooking, seasonal cuisine, and biodynamic design. Our mission is to tell stories & build memories around three simple ingredients: Wood, Fire, & Food 

Custom menus feature local, seasonal ingredients sourced within 10 miles of the venue from humane and sustainable ranches, farms, and artisans. Crafted for your occasion, our food tells your unique story. 


Whether it's a milestone celebration or a gathering of 200+ people, we're dedicated to working creatively with the dynamics of the land, season, and spirit of each location to provide a truly immersive experience.


Unforgettable Corporate Events and retreats that align with your brand vision and company values. From unique team-building experiences, inspiring retreats, and celebratory events, we have the creativity and resources to make a lasting impact that exceeds expectations.


Small group events, curated menus, hosted at your home or AirBnb. These "off the menu" events feature curated menus, biodynamic wine pairings, and more. 


Experience our culinary collaborations with local chefs and artisans. Join us for a one-night-only, multi-course dinner with wine pairings at our ticketed events. Each dinner starts with a cocktail reception, and we host 3-4 events per year. Whether you come alone, with a guest, or entertain a group, our events bring a unique taste of the season's bounty. 


Discover our sustainable farm-to-fire products made from upcycled ingredients of the season's bounty. Shop now on our online store or find us at local farmers markets and farm stores throughout the Hudson Valley.


Influenced by the world around him, Chef Daniel Sabia creates unparalleled dining experiences through thoughtful storytelling using nature, art, and design to set a table that connects diners to their food and builds memories that last a lifetime. 

Building Memories
that Matter  

Sabia’s public dinner parties incorporate the three things he loves most: open-fire cooking, art and design, and community"

In an era where the hospitality of cooking is diminishing, Dan Sabia brings back hope that we can still connect with one another through dining. Food, wood, and fire are the simple ingredients he needs to make that magic happen"

Nowadays, Sabia can be found in barns, fields, and meadows
doing sensual live-fire cooking that brings people and
the best of local farms together

Dan is on a mission to unite people and keep human interaction alive in this generation of social media