Debra & Nikolas’ Taconic Ridge Farm Wedding

Debra and Nikolas shared their wedding day with us at Taconic Ridge Farm on September 24th, 2022. This time of the year we find ourselves immersed in a season of transition– the cool breeze hints at the upcoming fall, yet the remnants of summer linger in the air. Explore their cocktail hour, reception in the spacious barn, and a harvest-inspired dinner. Discover the natural beauty, menu, and memorable moments of this special day.

Toast to Summer’s End

The day began with a beautiful outdoor ceremony in the field surrounded by rolling hills and farm pastures. Following the ceremony, guests proceeded to the cocktail hour held on the grass near the reception area. Here, they enjoyed our Burnt Pineapple Tequila Sunrise, the perfect cocktail to close out the summer season. Deb and Nik also added our charcuterie package to their cocktail hour. Guests savored An Assortment of Locally Sourced and House Cured Meats ,Hard & Soft Local Cheeses, Local Sourdough Breads, Charred & Marinated Vegetables, Grilled Stone Fruit, and our signature WFF Smoked Olives.

Farmhouse Elegance

Following the cocktail hour, guests were invited to the venue’s spacious barn for the reception. The focal point of the venue is the 1850’s farmhouse, with its soaring 31′ ceilings, exposed wood frame, and captivating windows that offered breathtaking views of the Taconic Range and sunset. Making this the perfect place to create an unforgettable reception. 

Taste of the Harvest: Vegetarian Bounty and Farm-to-Table Entrees

Around 6PM, it was time for an unforgettable dinner service, buffet style. Deb and Nik are not big meat eaters, so we worked with them to provide a variety of vegetarian based dishes. With the fall season approaching, we wanted to highlight the richness of flavors and vibrant produce that the harvest had to offer. To achieve this, we served side dishes like Grilled Broccoli Rabe, Grilled Summer Zucchini, and Coal Roasted Eggplant. Guests got to try two entrees, the coal roasted sea trout, and Slow Roasted Dairy Cow Strip Loin. The strip loin is sourced from, Hemlock Hill Farm located about an hour away from Taconic Ridge Farm.

Natural Beauty Unveiled

As the guests took their seats at one of the three long dining tables they were greeted by the natural beauty and rustic charm of the table setting. At the center of each table was a mesmerizing  display of wildflowers, thoughtfully crafted by the skilled hands of Erika Bates

A Sweet Farewell

The evening ended with Peaches over Corn Cake, topped with Raw Sheep’s Milk Cheese, Chili Honey, and Lemon Balm and a spiced  chocolate cake with plums and brown butter for Dessert. Guests also received a takeaway gift, Local Honey with custom labels to remember Deb and Niks special day.

Congratulations, Deb & Nik! Your special day was a heartwarming blend of love, laughter, and cherished memories. Thank you for trusting us to create a truly magical wedding experience. May your days be filled with unending love and happiness. Cheers to your future together!

Venue:Taconic Ridge Farm
Photographer:Clare Dollard
Planner:Victoria Lowe
Florals:Erika Bates
Cake: Andies Eats

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