Blooms of Love: Tiina and Greg’s Celebration at Shared Blessings Estate

As May 15, 2021 dawned, the enchanting Shared Blessings Estate in Gardiner, New York, became the backdrop for a heartwarming celebration. Tiina and Greg’s love story unfolded amidst the fragrant blossoms of spring, painting the scene with nature’s own vibrant palette. 

Cocktail Hour Delights

Following a beautiful ceremony, we kicked off the evening with an incredible cocktail hour. Tiina and Greg’s intimate party of 35 mingled and enjoyed refreshments from the bar. The bar featured  two of our signature cocktails; the smoked strawberry aperol spritz and our Burnt Orange Boulevardier. As well as a few passed snacks, including Coal Roasted Leeks With Burnt Almond Romesco and Charred preserved Peppers with Crab Fondue.

Savory Harmony

The moment had come for an unforgettable family-style dinner service. Beginning with ‘Idyllwild Bread’, Radishes, and Vegetable Ash Butter for the table. Guests then indulged  in the First Course, where Burnt Snap Peas met Chili Honey, Brown Butter, Mint, and Raw Cow’s Milk Burrata. The Second Course featured Asado Roasted Green Hill Chickens and Whole Roasted Sea Trout. Entrees were paired with sides like Coal Roasted Potatoes with Smoked Garlic Aioli and Burnt Local Peas with Charred Pearl Onions.

A Sweet Farewell

The evening ended on a sweet note with Smoked Strawberries and Grilled Butter Bread with Burnt Chili Honey and Raw Sheep’s Milk Cheese. Along with a Spring Apple Tartine paired with Smoked Cider, Black Pepper Cumber, and Pressed Yogurt.

Tiina and Greg, congratulations! Your special day bloomed with love, laughter, and treasured moments. It was an honor to be part of your journey and create magic together. May your love story shine forever. Cheers!

Planner- Kim Pestalozzi 
Florist- Maple Field Floral
Photographer- Jennifer Conti Photography
Favors-  Hudson Valley Bee Supply
Cake/Dessert- Newburgh Flour Shop

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